Cut Costs + Increase Efficiency
With Data-powered Asset Mapping

Control Equipment
+ Assets

ECP Tracer is a software-based system that helps safety, operations, and fleet managers better control their equipment and assets.

Function at Peak

Built just for the electrical testing industry, ECP Tracer makes it fast and easy to locate your assets, see how they’re being utilized, and make the most of your investments.


Stop spending hours tracking down your equipment. With ECP Tracer, you can pull up a map, instantly identify the location of your assets via GPS, and see what’s available for use. No more expensive equipment sitting on a shelf or in the back of someone’s truck: if it’s available, you can locate it and immediately put it to work, fast.

ECP Tracer helps your business run more efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • Reduce costs on unneeded rentals and underutilized leases
  • Save time locating valuable equipment, vehicles and trailers
  • Improve recovery of lost or stolen assets
  • Lower insurance costs by decreasing losses and claims
  • Boost efficiency across your organization, from people to equipment


ECP Tracer enables you to make smarter, data-driven utilization decisions for both your human and technical resources. With a clear view into the location and usage of all of your assets, you can determine whether you’re appropriately staffed, whether you need to rent or lease equipment, and how to get the greatest return on your equipment investments.

ECP Tracer isn’t just asset mapping – it’s cutting-edge technology. Features include:

  • Real-time tracking with user-defined notifications
  • Geofencing to provide specific location-based alerts
  • Historical activity reporting to understand trends and drive improvements
  • Dispatch optimization via overlaying your vehicles with key equipment assets and locations
  • Ability to identify which technicians and equipment are currently available and closest to a job site

ECP Tracer has made a huge difference in how we manage our fleet and electrical equipment. It keeps us better informed and helps us make better decisions about our staff and our inventory. This investment is already paying for itself and more.

-Frank Gibbons, NETA Service Company


ECP Tracer doesn’t just track equipment – it can locate and manage your entire fleet. From trucks to trailers, ECP can outfit your entire organization with GPS-powered tracking that ensures you always have 100% visibility into your vehicles and operations.

Adding ECP Tracer to your fleet extends the benefits of your asset mapping program, so you can:

  • Lower fuel costs by:
    • Managing idle time
    • Improving driver behavior
    • Dispatching the nearest qualified technician
    • Managing fuel consumption
  • Decrease insurance costs with better driver safety and fewer incidents
  • Extend the life of your vehicles by ensuring regular maintenance
  • Ensure legal compliance by tracking registration expiration and managing driver hours
  • Prevent and/or recover lost or stolen vehicles